Serial Code Support

Help redeeming your voucher code


This page will help you if you have a voucher or gift card with code on it and are struggling to get our system to accept it.


Error: This code was not accepted by our system, please check the code you have entered

Your code will be in a format similar to HA-BBBBBB, L7-#=CCC-CCC-CCC, G3-#-CCC-CCC-CCC
If your code contains dashed then ensure that you include the dashes -'s between each section. Ensure that the code is completed as shown on your voucher or gift card.
Sometimes users incorrectly enter the letter O instead of the number - ensure you are entering the code correctly. There are no spaces in the code.


Error: Our system wasn't able to connect to the Checkpoint validation servers

If you get this error then our site had a problem accessing the servers which validate your serial code. If this should happen then please try the page again in a few minutes. If you still have this problem then please see below for our email address.


How do I open my eBook PDF file

To open an ebook PDF file then you will need to have a free PDF reader installed.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and and available to download: Click here to download the free Adobe Reader


Contacting Technical Support

You can contact us via our support website - our ticket system will issue you a ticket and we will reply by email. This is the prefered route as you will need to tell us what your code is so that we can validate it, you will be able to type the code into the message as you typed it into the redemption box.
Alernatively you can call us on 01889 570589 (Monday to Thursday 9:30am to 5pm, and Friday 9:30am to 3pm). We are UK based and speak English and can help you through the process.